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 C2A Cards

With C2A card you can pay tolls in almost all European countries and refuel without furnishing any guarantee. You can also pay eco-tax in France.

You don't need any more to give to your drivers cash! With C2A card which is a bank card you can withdraw money from an ATM anywhere wherever MasterCard is accepted. Do you need to repair your truck urgently or to pay a traffic fine? C2A card permits you to continue your trip without awaiting any assistance from a third party.

Do you need discounts? Thanks to C2A card NEGOMETAL offers you a possibility to obtain discounts on the network of fuel station throughout Europe and in France you will pay for fuel a supermarket price.

For more information contact us or directly C2A team : www.c2a-card.com

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com