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 Excise Duty Recovery

Q. Do you exercise your rights to recover vehicle excise duty?
You can recover the fuel tax, or diesel tax, from five countries. You simply need to send your claim to the Customs Office.

Q. Which countries allow the recovery of excise duty?
Spain (Gasoleo Profesional), France (TIPP), Italy (Carbon Tax or Aliquota d’Accisa) and Belgium (Droit d’accise spécial), Slovenia (diesel taxes).

Q. You don’t know how to claim your refund or you don’t have the time to do it?
NEGOMETAL can handle your claim; saving you time and helping avoid mistakes.

Q. But it is not worth the effort! The amounts are derisory!
You will be surprised. For example, from 07/12/2011 to 31/12/2011, Italy refunds €189.98609 per thousand liters of fuel. In the current financial situation, it would be a shame not to profit from these refunded taxes. NEGOMETAL will handle everything.

Q. What happens if a country implements a new excise duty or increases the amount that can be recovered?
We will immediately inform you, allowing you to optimise your company’s cash flow.  

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