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According to 17 th February 2015 news about the modification of the MACRON law, we inform you that it was formalized by decree-law on 7th April 2016.


Decree Nº 2016-418 comes from transport companies set up outside France code of which currently workers and marines are working in France.


  • Cabotaje transport
  • International transport when departures or arrivals are in France

    There is a possible exclusion for those transports which passed by France without making any loading or unloading.  (Need to be confirmed)


    Obligations that are subject to decree-law 2016-418 7th April 2016:


    Truck driver must carry with him the following documents:


  • Labour contract
  • Copy from the displacement certificate valid within 6 months filled in French (By now this official document is not published)

  • Transport companies have to:

  • Name a manager settled in France and communicate his/her personal data and obtain an acceptation from the transport company
  • Send him/ her all documentation required, so as to the companies' manager in France can submit it to the French tax office as soon as possible in case of inspection.
  • Fill out 2 copies by each driver of the displacement certificate a maximum of 6 months to be valid. Filled in French
  • Pay to the worker according to the French road transport and transport ancillary activities collective agreements in terms of category, speciality, years on job position, type of vehicle and so on.

    Please note that there are many issues that have to be cleared by French Authorities.

    We are managing this insecure situation with the help of our legal services.


    Regardless of the extension from the requests made by some bodies from the business sector affected, the formal notification from the European Commission, as it happened with the Milog law in Germany, does not exist till now any information about a possible postponement on the entry into force.

     Group Negometal based in France, assure that it fulfills all necessary  conditions in order to represent a company in this new context

    The suspension of the French Ecotaxe registered on the Journal Officiel

    The suspension of the Ecotax is registered on the Journal Officiel of 24/12/13. A senatorial commission of inquiry, asked to study the contract signed between Ecomouv and the State, has to return its conclusions in June, 2014.

    The French Prime Minister suspends the application of the Ecotaxe in France

    The tax which had to apply on January 1st, 2014 is suspended for indefinite duration.

    The Ecotax postponed until 01.01.2014

    The Minister of Ecology and Transport Mr Frédéric Cuvillier has announced yesterday its decision to postpone the implementation of the Ecotaxe until 01.01.2014. Official publication, click here.

    Negometal and C2A at the Munich fair

    Negometal and C2A had the stand at the fair for Transport and Logistics which took place in Munich at the beginning of June.