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 Other services

NEGOMETAL provides access to teams specialised in VAT recovery for your payments for Fairs and Tradeshows in some countries of the E.U. including salespersons expenses.
For example, VAT can be recovered from telecommunication costs, stand rental and hotel bills in certain cases. This list is not complete; please consult us if you would like more information.

Do you use the Ferry to Italy? Did you know that the Italian government subsidises these crossings? It’s called the Eco Bonus! Don’t miss the occasion to claim back what is rightfully yours. Contact us!

Do you have problems with debt recovery in France or in other European countries? Are unpaid bills affecting your cash flow? Are you facing unwillingness to pay? Are you having difficulties communicating?

NEGOMETAL can help you, send reminders and recover your overdue invoices. Often a simple call in their native language is all that is needed to encourage a client to “remember” your bill.
Don’t hesitate to test our services!

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com