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 Toll Payment

As part of your activities, you cross Europe. Your vehicles will meet a range of toll payment systems.

We provide the most suitable solution for your company.

NEGOMETAL helps you by always providing the solution the most adapted to your needs; with the greatest chance of obtaining price reductions or reduced prices from the first toll.

Toll payment solutions can be cards or onboard units (OBUs):

Additionally, after the acceptation of your dossier by our insurers, credit insurance can help avoid the requirements for bank guarantees. If this is not possible then we will find the best solution for you.

We allow you to pay tolls in France, Spain and Portugal using our prepaid OBU Négoroad.

Forget the bank guarantees, the obligation to entrust your VAT to a claimant not necessarily qualified!

Do not block your money and do not increase your financial obligations! Be free!

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com