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 Go-Box (Austria)

The GoBox is an OnBoard Unit (OBU) that automatically pays tolls on Austrian motorways. It is fixed to your truck and allowing safe and rapid passage across Austria.

The agreement between NEGOMETAL and A.S.F.I.N.A.G. allows you to collect your OBU in all GoBox sales outlets. You are accorded delayed payment and will receive a detailed invoice every 15 days.
The electronic payment system means that you no longer have to keep your toll receipts. The invoice that NEGOMETAL sends will allow you to recover Austrian VAT without problems.

Our credit insurance system can help avoid the requirement for a bank guarantees. You simply need to be accepted by our insurance company. Even if this is not the case we can help you find the best solution to obtain your GoBox.

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com