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 Mont Blanc and Frejus Tunnels

Q. Do you pass the alps through the Mont Blanc or Frejus tunnels?
Did you know that the Mont Blanc and Frejus Tunnels card allows you to pay these tolls with reduced rates and a yearly pay-back?

Q. What are the advantages of the card provided by NEGOMETAL?
You do not need a minimum of 3000 passages per year! You can benefit from reduced rates from your first toll. In 2008 the reduction was 16%. You pay the tolls for less than with a fuel card.
The Mont Blanc or Frejus card can also be used to pay for the AFA motorail service.
The card is also free!

Q. Can I recover VAT from toll payments?
Our centralised invoicing service allows you to payment terms and VAT recovery from tunnel toll payments.

Q. How do I get the card?
Very simply, contact us and you will receive an inscription form to return signed. Our credit insurance system can help avoid the requirement for a bank guarantees. You simply need to be accepted by our insurance company. Even if this is not the case we can help you find the best solution to obtain your card and facilitate payments for these alpine tunnels.  

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com