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 Servisa Card (Spain and Portugal)

With the Servisa card, you can pay motorway tolls in Spain and Portugal quickly, without paying upfront.

Drivers no longer need cash to pay tolls; they no longer have to keep receipts. You no longer have to request invoices from Spain’s different motorway companies. Every month, NEGOMETAL will produce an invoice with the details of all your transactions. You benefit from payment terms and automatic recovery of Spanish VAT.

You are interested in reduced prices? The Servisa card with NEGOMETAL gives you access to the full range of discounts offered by the Spanish motorway companies. They will be included automatically in your bill.

Our credit insurance system can help avoid the requirement for a bank guarantees. You simply need to be accepted by our insurance company. Even if this is not the case we can help you find the best solution to obtain your Servisa card.

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com