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 Toll Collect (Germany)

Do your trucks go to Germany? If they do, you are paying tax to use the German motorways (autobahns). No toll booths but a satellite system that follows you soon as you enter the German motorway system!

You need never queue up at borders! With the TOLL COLLECT card supplied by NEGOMETAL, in partnership with Servisa, you enter the autobahns directly. The alternative is to pay by the manual reservation system available through terminals at service stations or by Internet. But with the TOLL COLLECT card you save time and benefit from a post-payment option. NEGOMETAL sends you the detail of your transactions.

Q. Do I need to produce a bank guarantee to use the German electronic payment system?
Our credit insurance system can help avoid the requirement for a bank guarantees. You simply need to be accepted by our insurance company. Even if this is not the case we can help you find the best solution to obtain your Toll Collect card.

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