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 Viacard (Italy)

In Italy, pay motorway tolls with the Viacard !

Italian motorways are often congested with long delays at the toll booths. Avoid these problems with the Viacard! Viacard users have access to reserved lanes.

Through our partner C.O.I.M.BA, NEGOMETAL gives you access to reduced prices from the first toll and whatever the quantity of toll payments. As a member of this consortium, you benefit from the same percentage discounts with 1 or 2,000 trucks. However, despite what some of our competitors announce, these discounts cannot be as high as 30%. The rate has been around 10% for the past few years. Through NEGOMETAL, you benefit from these reduced prices without any extra charges.

NEGOMETAL will provide you with a monthly invoice and you can recover Italian VAT automatically. The chore of collecting toll payment receipts and sending them to the different Italian motorway companies is over. An added advantage is that you can be debited from a bank account in your country. No need to open a bank account in Italy!

Our credit insurance system can help avoid the requirement for a bank guarantees. You simply need to be accepted by our insurance company. Even if this is not the case we can help you find the best solution to obtain your Viacard.

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com