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 VAT Refunds

Q. Do you spend money in the European Union?
If you are established in the Member state of the European Union, we enable you to recover Value-Added-Tax (VAT) for your purchases in all 27 member countries. Our team of multilingual specialists across Europe will handle everything for you, liaising with the tax offices in each country in the appropriate language.
If you are established in the country not a Member of the E.U. we can help you to recover the VAT in countries which accept the refund for non European business.

Q. Do you want to avoid various delays and the cost of delayed payment?
Negometal can offer you 3 types of refund:

  • Anticipated: 10 days after receiving your completed dossier, we transfer the recovered VAT (less our fees) to your bank account. We can anticipate TVA payments for the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia and Slovakia. Send us the invoices and we will send you your refund!
    If you have important expenses in a country not specified above, you can still contact us for more information on this type of refund.
  • Normal : 15 daysafter receiving the VAT from the various tax offices of the European Union; NEGOMETAL will send you your refund, less our fees.
  • Net invoicing on invoices provided by NEGOMETAL. You don’t pay VAT and optimise your cash flow.

Our advantages:
Negometal is a completely independent company. If you are international haulage company, you recover your VAT in the same conditions, whoever provides your fuel cards or toll payment systems.

Our subsidiaries and our network of agents ensure direct relations with the various Tax Offices within the European Union. Even if you have already made a claim to recover your value added tax, we can still help you in your procedures to ensure repayment.

Our ISO 9001:2000 certification guaranties the efficiency of our procedures. We will help you from the outset by answering your questions and making sure that your activities respect the existing legislation in each country of European Union. Prevention often helps avoid time consuming litigation later on.
If you are in litigation, we can put you in contact with local teams of lawyers able to take up your fiscal problems.

Your contacts : All the teams across Europe, contact@negometal.com