Your C2A smart card

The C2A card, accelerating savings for you

Our all-in-one card combines the advantages of a bank card and a fuel card in one.

The C2A card, creating savings for you The C2A card gives access to a multitude of points of sale, products and professional services all across Europe.

It enables you to make savings on costs incurred by your employees while facilitating their account and administrative management.

As expenditure can be monitored in real time, the card safeguards your transactions.

In a nutshell, the C2A card simplifies the life of your personnel and your accountant and by doing so encourages the growth of your company!

Did you say bank card?

  • A payment card that can be used in the entire MasterCard® payment network
  • No bank guarantee necessary
  • Monitor expenditure in real time
  • Optimization of management
  • Issued by an institute awarded bank accreditation

Did you say fuel card?

  • Access to 2300 low-cost service stations in France and Europe
  • Up to 12% discount at thousands of service stations
  • Invoices issued for recovery of VAT and TIPP fuel consumption tax (in the C2A partner network)
  • No financial guarantee bond required

Did you say all-in-one card?

  • Can be configured according to your needs : adjusted for certain periods, identified countries, type of expenditure, authorized amounts
  • Transactions monitored in real time
  • Pilot your cards from a computer or smartphone
  • Combined with tools that help optimize journeys
  • It optimises your social contribution reduction resources
  • It gives you access to expense management optimisation tools
  • Medical insurance and repatriation

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