On-board units

OBU NEGOROAD, all of Europe in just one unit. (*)(**)

Négométal offers professional users (transporters, sales professionals, etc.) solutions which are properly adapted to their fleet of heavy or light vehicles, using a unique NEGOROAD on-board unit.

Take advantage of all the latest on-board GPS technology in just one unit for the whole of Europe, and get up to 13% off on every European highway (***).

In real time, you can track your vehicle fleet using geo-location and manage your on-board units via your smartphone.

List of networks supported

  • France (TIS-PL)
  • Italy (TELEPASS)
  • Poland (A1-A4)
  • Spain (VIA-T)
  • Germany
  • Poland (EETS)
  • Austria (GO)
  • Portugal (VIA-T)
  • Belgium (VIAPASS)
  • Fréjus & Mt Blanc (tunnels)
  • Switzerland & Liechtenstein
  • Belgium (Liefkenshoek)
  • Bulgaria (TOLLPASS)
  • Croatia

No financial guarantees? Then choose pre-payment

The difficulties encountered by transport professionals must not be allowed to slow down their business. This is why Négométal has developed an exclusive pre-payment system for motorway tolls, allowing transporters who don’t have financial guarantees (bank, credit insurance, etc.) to acquire on-board units for their entire fleet and take advantage of all the associated benefits: monthly invoicing and discounts of up to 13%! (***)

Pre payments online
Manage your fleet
Consult your toll transactions

Reserve your tunnel trips in advance

Pre-pay your trips through the Fréjus and Mont Blanc tunnels while maintaining all your discounts.

Consorzio Italia Negometal

Consorzio Italia Negometal Since 2017, Negometal is the founder of Consorzio Italia Negometal, in order to allow their customers to obtain the maximum discounts on the italian network.

(*) OBU = On Board Unit | Toll device
(**) Certain network combinations will require two devices.
(***) According to the networks used



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